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Insight Medical is a specialist supplier of premium quality endoscopy accessories and equipment. 

Our products have been handpicked by specialists for specialists. That’s what gives us more than knowledge, that’s what gives us insight into your practice's needs and challenges.


We have taken our first-hand knowledge of endoscopy equipment and blended it with excellence in distribution and supply chain management to create this unique service.  What’s more, by combining the buying power of practices around the country, we offer unbeatable value and a superior alternative to the status quo.  


Insight Medical is committed to excellence in endoscopy equipment. We are steadfast in presenting unrivalled value to you and devoted to a fresh focus on delivering service that is tailored to your practice's needs.

We are delighted to present a new option, an industry partner not just supplier, working for your best interests.   



We have teamed up with world class partners 


The fastest growing manufacturer of endoscopy accessories in the world

Established in 1999 Micro-Tech has now become the fastest growing supplier of endoscopy accessories and GI stents in the world, supplying equipment to over 60 countries worldwide. Founded by a former head of Research & Development at Boston Scientific, the company's international reach and success has been enhanced through dedicated offices within both Germany & the USA.

Micro-Tech provides OEM supply to numerous global brands and has now grown to become the second largest manufacturer of biopsy forceps worldwide. Growth such as this has been underpinned by Micro-Tech's stringent quality control, continual investment in R&D and ongoing product development.    

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The world's most advanced gastric balloon system

Spatz FGIA, Inc. is a US-based medical device company focused on the development of a non-surgical, less invasive and safe device for the treatment of obesity. Spatz Medical was founded in 2005 by Dr. Jeffrey Brooks, a US board-certified gastroenterologist with 25 years of clinical experience, who has held an academic position at Columbia University.


Spatz FGIA‘s flagship product, the Spatz™ Adjustable Balloon System, is a fluid-filled balloon with an attached anchor and adjustability valve – a first in gastric balloons. The 15-minute out-patient procedure reduces stomach capacity to give patients a feeling of satiety. Patients are discharged home within several hours after insertion. The gastric balloon has been designed and manufactured under GMP (good manufacturing practice) conditions in an ISO 13485 certified facility specializing in the fabrication of high quality silicone medical and technical products.

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The paradigm shift in reflux care.

Help your patients achieve relief more quickly by taking a data-driven approach to reflux care. Be a part of the paradigm shift: instead of a symptom-based diagnosis, enlist the help of our simple, patient-friendly diagnostic test. Detailed data illustrates a patient’s unique reflux patterns and severity, helping you determine the most effective, targeted treatment for their condition. Equally important is the negative test, allowing you to explore alternative etiologies for your patient’s symptoms if reflux is not the answer.

Some patients may greatly benefit from Stretta therapy, our non-surgical procedure that significantly reduces reflux symptoms by effectively strengthening the lower esophageal sphincter.


Rapidly growing manufacturer of single use endoscopy equipment

Andorate is a rapidly growing manufacturer of single use endoscopy equipment. Specialising in the niche of devices that attach to the scope, the product range includes devices such as polyp traps, valve systems and irrigation tubing. Production is managed in state of the art ISO 100,000 clean rooms, conforming to industry accreditation standards such as CE and FDA. Quality assurance is the hallmark of operations resulting in consistently reliable accessories and continuous quality improvement.  This unrelenting commitment to rigorous manufacturing processes and exceptional product functionality means Andorate can be your ultimate trusted partner in single-use endoscopy equipment.



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